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Level Up Your Property With Next-Level Staging, Styling, and Management


Vacant Staging Services

Your properties are spending more time on the market than they should, which drives down their value and attracts the wrong buyers. I can help you increase your sales, sell faster, and grab the attention of your ideal buyers!

All with the help of my professional vacant staging process. Why opt for staging? Studies show that a staged property spends 73% less time on the market than a non-staged one, and for you, it adds an extra 8% - 10% to your ROI.

My mission is to study your space, analyze its most prominent and attractive features, and use my staging expertise to introduce furniture, accessories, soft goods, and artwork to give it that flair it needs to stand out!

With my help, you’ll be able to introduce a cost-effective solution that’s tailor-made to your property, increase your chances of landing a killer deal, and highlight what’s beautiful about your property to your ideal buyers.

It’s simple, headache-free, and completely hands-free on your end, giving you theprofessional staging services you need, as well as styling experts who understand what your ideal clients are looking for, and how to bring that to life.

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service #1

If you’ve been in the real estate market for more than 10 minutes, then you know for a fact that buyers today are more picky and demanding than ever. There are more properties on sale than ever: So how can you make sure yours stands out?

Design Styling

However, what most of us don’t know is that our spaces are about the experiences they allow us to have. The satisfying click of a window, waking up to a tidy living room, and entering a sun-lit kitchen that amplifies your appetite: It’s all about the experiences.

If you know the experiences you’re looking to have in your space, but don’t know how to bring your vision to life, I can help you create a perfectly styled and designed environment that speaks volumes!

I understand that it can be difficult to decide where to start, and for that reason, my experience with you begins by studying your needs, your vision, and your different ideas, which puts us both on the right track. With my experience, I will help you turn a vague set of concepts into shoppable items you can get delivered to your doorstep, and add the style and general vibe you’re looking for to every corner of your space.

My work doesn’t end until you’re 100% happy with the end result, and you’ll have a full room floor plan, access to my on-demand help whenever you need it, and a visual design board to help you maintain the same design choices all across the board.

service #2

Many people assume that their living space is purely about form and function. Some of us prefer an environment that looks the part, even if it doesn’t serve our day-to-day lives,
and others go with the more practical option.



Short-Term Rental Co-Hosting & Set-Ups

You have to keep up with tenants, answer to their complaints, make sure all appointments are met, and keep your property looking and functioning perfectly all year round.

Today, you have the opportunity to let a team of trained, seasoned professionals handle all your property’s dirty work so you don’t have to. With our co-hosting and set-up services, you can attract the right tenants without breaking a sweat.

Our package includes setting up appointments, setting up your property, updating the furnishings and design choices, and helping you ensure your property is at its best even if you live on the other side of the country.

We’ve helped homeowners, property owners, and real estate agents alike improve the way their rental properties look, feel, and function, giving them a comprehensive solution they can rely on.

When working with us, you’ll have a tailor-made solution that’s suited to your needs, respects your budget, and increases your property’s rating and popularity to help you expand your opportunities.


service #3

Running your own rental property or Airbnb can be very time-consuming and draining, especially if you’ve found an opportunity that’s out of your state and hours away from
where you live.

Renovation Selection

service #4

Whether you’ve been in the real estate industry for years or you’re a homeowner looking to breathe new life into your space, going in blindly is the last thing you should do no
matter the cost.


Every renovation process is unique. Your space is unlike any other, and the vision you have can only be brought to life through the right design changes, styling, and furnishing choices.

And the last thing any property owner wants is to spend thousands of dollars on a renovation, only to find out they liked the original design better, and feel disappointed with the work they waited months for.

My objective is to help you find the right renovation choices for your needs, and to introduce a new take on your space that gives you the refresh you’re after without breaking your budget or overloading your goals.

You’ll be able to gain an expert’s insights on what you should do and what you should avoid when renovating your space, eliminating any guesswork and helping you end up with a result that you’re 100% happy with. All you have to do is to tell me more about what you like, what you don’t like, and how you feel like your property can be improved, which gives me a clear understanding of the professionals, the supplies, and the equipment needed for the job.

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