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Creative, Professional, And Functional Services To Help You Improve Your PROperty!

With a belief that I could help property owners upscale their properties and create better opportunities for them on the market, and a clear vision of how I can help, I started Dec The House Properties in July of 2022.

about me

about me

about me

Ashley Vipond

My name is Ashley Vipond, your personal design and rental management expert who can help you make your vision of the perfect deal, look, and style come to life.

As a property owner myself and a rental owner, I know the stress that comes with it. When decorating, furnishing, renting out, or renovating, you’re always met with tons of decisions that you have no idea how to start with. That’s where I step in to help, as I specialize in creating spaces that make people feel like they’re home away from home.

With my 10 years of experience in the industry and forward-thinking, future-oriented mindset, we can create a property that suits your goals today and 10 years from now.

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Sarah Welch

Lead Stager + Designer - Tampa, FL Market